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Acero - Brighton Park

Kristen Lofgren » Teacher Bio

Teacher Bio

B.S. Psychology, Northern Illinois University
M.A.T. Early Childhood Education, National Louis University
Endorsements: Early Childhood Special Education & English as a Second Language
For the 2018-2019, I will be returning for a fourth year at Brighton Park in First Grade.    I have taught previously at the Transitional Kindergarten level and as a Lead Preschool Teacher for an inclusive dual-language Head Start program.  My favorite thing about teaching is creating an engaging classroom experience that challenges students.


Students looking at a terrarium with a cricket inside.
For our Science on the Go visit, we learned about how animals feel.  We observed crickets in terrariums.  We learned that they have small hairs on their bellies that help them feel.  We also looked at other animals that have whiskers and discovered that they help animals feel.
Museum Educator talking to first grade class.
First Visit with Museum Educator, Ms. Nicole from Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum.  Over the next month, we will be studying Animal Secrets.  For our first session with Ms. Nicole, we thought about- How do animals stay warm?
Students touching fur.
First session with Ms. Nicole from Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum.
Exploring with fur and feathers to think about the question- How do animals stay warm?
Students recorded their data and shared their ideas of which item would be warmer after experimenting with temperature changes with an icepack applied underneath the fur and feathers.